Before You Sell Your Home – Declutter

If you are considering selling your home then you must declutter it first.  It is far harder to sell a home when it is full of furniture and your personal items.  You may not feel that it is clutter that it is just the way you live and all the items on your fireplace mantle are decorative knick-knacks .  However, it is very difficult for a buyer to envision themselves living in your house when it is full of your things.  Staging your house to feel open doesn’t only mean moving furniture but maybe you should remove furniture from the house.  Also how does it look when your 2 car garage can not even fit one car because of all the boxes you might have in it.house_for_sale

Temporarily fill up boxes from all the rooms in your house of things that you will not need for the next few months, even remove most knick-knacks.  Remove furniture that fills up rooms so that your house fills uncluttered and open.  And do not put the items in the garage or a shed that is on the property.  Potential buyers are looking for space in those places as well and if they are full it can give the buyers a bad impression, that there is not enough storage on the property.  Get a storage unit for a few months while you sell your house and store all the furniture and other items there.  Even says “Less is more” when selling your home.

Here are a few more tips when selling your home:

  • Remove personal photos from walls
  • Make sure closets look big by pushing clothes together so that there appears to be more empty space.
  • Put seasonal clothes in storage.  If it is summertime then store all your bulky winter coats so that your closets will look uncluttered.  Remember, buyers do and should look in closets and cupboards.
  • Empty the kitchen cupboards of any small appliances or dishes that you won’t need for several months (you may be surprised at how much you find)
  • Don’t forget the storage rooms and garage.  Sure those are the places that are suppose to have lots of boxes right?  Yeah, but buyers shouldn’t see potential space not full space.
  • Clean off desks, kitchen counters and bathroom counters.

Last thing I can say is spray Febreze in every room and turn every light on before a potential buyer comes to visit.